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What is needed to get started?

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the Deemed to Satisfy guide and InSite Water manual in our InSite Water training page.

InSite Water is an integrated water and stormwater design tool, so if you are applying InSite to a real project, you may need the following information:

  1. Planning or building permit application number (optional – the tool will function without this).
  2. A preliminary building and site plan to work out items such as total site area, roof area(s), and building internal area(s) in (square meters).
  3. The size of other impervious areas (driveways, car-parks, paving etc).
  4. An basic understanding of site features such as slope, soil type, and site constraints such as tree root zones that should not be disturbed.

InSite Water works best when you have design influence over the following things that will decide stormwater performance:

  • Size and location of stormwater features such as water tanks, detention tanks, permeable paving, or other stormwater treatments (you can use InSite Water to help calculate these).
  • Roof area that can feasibly be connected to water tanks, infiltration, or other water treatments.
  • Water efficiency of fittings and choice of water tank end uses.

TIP: After generating an InSite report, project documents should be checked and updated (where applicable) to be consistent with the InSite Water report. Relevant project documents include landscape, architectural, hydraulic, and civil/drainage plans, specifications and schematics.

Disclaimer: InSite Water provides general advice only and assumes a basic working knowledge of drainage, sustainable design, civil engineering, landscaping, and/or building design. It is your responsibility to seek appropriate professional advice about your specific design requirements. By choosing to use the tool you are agreeing our terms and conditions and disclaimer.